ProDelphi profiler will not run anymore

Last Friday, while I was getting ready to setup a profiling session for the weekend I ran into a problem. My profiling tool – ProDelphi – would not run.  A rather generic error message  would display instead. The following message was being displayed every time I tried to run the program :

ProDelphi error message

Mind you that I had used ProDelphi less than a week before this error came up.

My initial reaction was to follow the message’s direction and reinstall the program. That did not help –  the same error come back after I reinstalled the program.

Strange, I can’t remember when was the last time I had such an issue with an NTFS formatted drive.

I started to look into this issue and I finally figured that this error message was a result of the corporate anti-virus software – Symantec Endpoint Protection – getting a new virus definition update and deciding that ProDelphi as infected. Annoying to say the very least.

The solution was to add ProDelphi’s executable (profiler.exe) as an user-defined Exception and reboot.   After that ProDelphi was running again without incidents.

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  1. I have had some trouble with Windows Defender because ‘my’ application is compressed with UPX. Defender won’t stop it from starting up, but the file is locked and can’t be replaced (and application updates fails). Looking at profiler.exe I can see aspack close to the top, which means it’s more than likely compressed with software from

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