A matter of character.

Today at work I had to deal with a very mysterious bug. I bug was filed for incorrect characters appearing in our application when running on a Czech OS.
The issue manifested itself in the Czech and Polish versions of our Delphi application. While some of the extended characters displayed correctly other characters such as ‘ř’ appeared as an ‘o’. Continue reading “A matter of character.”

Hello World! Welcome to my very own Delphi Blog

For quite some time I have been nurturing the idea of creating my very own Blog.

So here it is! I hope I can find the time to produce and publish interesting articles and rants.

If you visit this site and all you see is this post. Then I probably have failed in producing anything to post here.

Feel free to register and drop me a line if you want to contribute with any kind of material related to Delphi, C++Builder or Delphi for PHP.