This past Thursday (February 5th) I made a presentation about how to install Lazarus on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) for the Pacific Northwest Delphi User Group. Continue reading

I just learned of a Delphi contract available in the Akron (OH) area. Continue reading

Here is the second installment of the Fletch Programming Skills Marketability Index or Fletch PSM Index for short. Continue reading

While preparing my “Fletch Programming Skills Marketability Index” for the week I ran in to a posting for a Clipper Support Analyst.

Wow! Clipper is still around. That brings back memories, Clipper, FoxPro, Turbo Pascal, Quick C, DOS, 640k/704k RAM, Novell…(I’m dating myself)

Have you run into other bizarre or unexpected things out there? Would you mind sharing with us?

In a couple of posts Jim McKeeth has pointed out that the Delphi language has been climbing in the TIOBE Index. He has also called the community to action in order to make sure that whenever we referenced Delphi on a post to do so using “Delphi programming”. That way these references can be properly accounted for in such index. Continue reading

The time has come and I feel that I need to move on to my next job. For a while I have been trying to locate my next Delphi job with little success. Continue reading

I have been working around multi threaded services for quite a while now. And as you may know, multi threading services are very hard to debug. When debugging multi threaded applications one must collect run-time information without disturbing the threads and introducing delays that would ultimately cripple the service or render the debug effort meaningless. Clearly, I needed to have the program send real-time messages. Continue reading

Yesterday I learned about this Delphi Job offered in the Los Angeles area.(

Cool. I just got my SA e-mail with the download information and most important, the access key to get my Delphi 2009 adventure started. I’m such a geek! LOL!

BTW – be kind and fill up the poll info to the right.

Thanks and happy Delphi!

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