Cool! I just got my SA e-mail. Delphi 2009 here I go.

Cool. I just got my SA e-mail with the download information and most important, the access key to get my Delphi 2009 adventure started. I’m such a geek! LOL!

BTW – be kind and fill up the poll info to the right.

Thanks and happy Delphi!

7 thoughts on “Cool! I just got my SA e-mail. Delphi 2009 here I go.”

  1. I was just reading your poll about when we want our SA emails. My question is this: If the SA email date is fixed on Sept 15th, would you rather the RTM was delayed Sept 15th so they would be the same date? Would not knowing that you could have gotten Delphi 2009 earlier made it any easier to bare?

  2. @Jim –
    I would rather get the e-mail when Delphi is RTM. Why can’t it be done? I don’t get how the SA e-mails can delay the release. I want to believe that the release is a planned event with a somehow flexible target date and that EVERYBODY is ready to launch by RTM.

  3. Finally received my SA email about 5am (on my way to buy vmware so I can get a proper virtualization setup running)

    I was excited when the release date was announced, but having to wait almost 2 weeks is not good. Saying that, a lot of the components I currently use are unusable in Delphi 2009 so it’s not so much of a problem as I thought it would be.

  4. Hey Alan,

    got my SA Email right this (Tuesday) early morning, but now I have to wait for the notebook where the install fits on; the old one is completely packed. Henceforth it is to blame DELL, not CG/E for not getting my hands on D2009 😉

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