Still looking at the map.

On my last post about the Delphi road map I got very interesting comments. Those comments made me think about what is really needed to take Delphi back to the place it deserves as a development tool.
In my opinion CodeGear needs to focus on the Tool instead of the language. Improvements such as Unicode support, 64 bit support, cross platform support (Windows, OS X, Linux, Symbian, etc.), IDE stability, productivity features, new databases support and more.
I agree with those who think that Codegear should stop playing the “me too game” and stop pursuing the .Net stuff. I’ll take native development over .Net any day.
Adding features to the language can be beneficial. But, at this point in time, I think it is secondary. I still can accomplish all that I need with the current language.
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10 thoughts on “Still looking at the map.”

  1. Adding features to the language may be not of much importance for the long-time Delphi developers. Personally, I am not sure that I need anonimous methods. Generics are different, but stil I can easily do without them.
    But new language features IMHO are of great importance for the teachers, students and finally to the future of Delphi.

  2. Improvements of the language are also important. I have been waiting for templates for several years (an have been using “Pseudo Templates” during that time), also, just after I read about anonymous methods, I immediately came across a problem where they would have been very handy.

    With the upcoming multi core CPUs, some better threading support will be necessary. This not only requires RTL/VCL or language enhancements but also better debugging support.

    Also, improving the RTL is important, at least they should try to keep up with bugs posted to qc, especially if those posts already include the bugfix.

    One thing the Delphi IDE urgently needs is a code formatter. I am using the one in GExperts (which I put into it myself from the sources donated from DelForEx), but it is lacking support for quite a few of the most recent language extensions.

  3. I wanted to add:

    Why was Delphi7 such a success and why does Codegear say they made no money out of Kylix. Delphi 7 had Kylix which is cross platform, at least for Linux. So Delphi 7 was such a success bacause it Had Kylix (and was stable, and had no .Net required etc.) Deducting from this, Codegear did make money out of Kylix but interpreted their Sales Figures incorrectly. Developers really want one product with many targets. Not Many Products for many targets.

  4. I only agree 50%. While I think that Kylix is the biggest must-have-feature and probably the one feature that will make me decide whether to stay with Delphi in the long run, I still think that Delphi very often feels like a language with “too much history” (to put it nicely). I would really like them to clean up the language (even if that breaks compatibility from time to time if it helps clean up the language).

    It’s not a XOR decision. They should do both.

  5. I absolutely agree with the content of this post. Although the lack of some language features in Delphi that are available in other competitors is clear, I think that the development process productivity is a key aspect for those of ours who play in the software bussiness game.

    Refactoring aids in Delphi 2007 were very appreciated tools but we still miss breaking improvements on the DEBUGGING process. How many decades more would we have to bear with those old-fashioned simple-minded breakpoints and step-by-step options which are clearly unsuitable for the modern multithreading, multi-core, distributed and/or real-time systems???

  6. I agree with you 100%. It´s time to CodeGear ask for your clients(developers like us) what WE need! I think that major point is Cross-Platform. Why some independent developers make a FreePascal with totally cross-platform, and a 30 million dollars company cannot? For these reasons, good developers is migrating to C# and/or Java. It´s time to CodeGear/Embarcadero change your minds, or the company will fall ….

  7. CodeGear DID ask what developers need, right there in their questionnaire. Unfortunately many terms were left unexplained, so that I, with experience going back to TurboPascal 4, wasn’t able to answer meaningfully.

  8. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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