If  you want to come work for the coolest company that writes software using your favorite language, then now is the time to send me  your resume! Email it to afletcher at wideorbit dot com.

If you have a lot of Delphi experience, as well as SQL experience, send me your resume (afletcher at wideorbit dot com). You owe it to yourself to take a chance at working for a great company that has a team of great people that love Delphi as much as you do!

C’mon, you owe it to yourself,  take the first step and Send me your resume (afletcher at wideorbit dot com) and I’ll personally deliver it to the right person.

Positions are open in Lynnwood, WA (Seattle area), Birmingham (AL), New York (NY) and Paris (France).

You must be able to work in the US  for he American positions and the EU for the French position.

I just learned of a Delphi contract available in the Akron (OH) area. Continue reading

Here is the second installment of the Fletch Programming Skills Marketability Index or Fletch PSM Index for short. Continue reading

In a couple of posts Jim McKeeth has pointed out that the Delphi language has been climbing in the TIOBE Index. He has also called the community to action in order to make sure that whenever we referenced Delphi on a post to do so using “Delphi programming”. That way these references can be properly accounted for in such index. Continue reading

The time has come and I feel that I need to move on to my next job. For a while I have been trying to locate my next Delphi job with little success. Continue reading

Yesterday I learned about this Delphi Job offered in the Los Angeles area.(