The time has come and I feel that I need to move on to my next job. For a while I have been trying to locate my next Delphi job with little success. Continue reading

I have been working around multi threaded services for quite a while now. And as you may know, multi threading services are very hard to debug. When debugging multi threaded applications one must collect run-time information without disturbing the threads and introducing delays that would ultimately cripple the service or render the debug effort meaningless. Clearly, I needed to have the program send real-time messages. Continue reading

Yesterday I learned about this Delphi Job offered in the Los Angeles area.(

Cool. I just got my SA e-mail with the download information and most important, the access key to get my Delphi 2009 adventure started. I’m such a geek! LOL!

BTW – be kind and fill up the poll info to the right.

Thanks and happy Delphi!

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On my last post about the Delphi road map I got very interesting comments. Those comments made me think about what is really needed to take Delphi back to the place it deserves as a development tool. Continue reading

Last Friday I watched a presentation by David I and Andreano Lanusse on the upcoming Tiburon.
I did not get really excited whit any of the features discussed. Continue reading